How your customers access Presta

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After  Adding members Customers will receive an SMS invitation on their mobile phones. They can access through the app or USSD.

The customers then dial the USSD Code *483*911#, which takes them through a setup process, acceptance of the invitation and finally onto the Lender’s service.

Once the customer is onboard, they can apply for a loan anytime, anywhere at their own convenience. Welcome to a new way of lending.

  • Dial *483*911#
  • on your phone.
  • Key in your pin.
  • Select your loan offer-Review your monthly payment and interest rate options, and choose your loan.
  • Receive your loan – Loans are conveniently sent to your mobile or bank account in minutes .
  • Repay with your mobile money account



For loan payments, the procedure is quite simple as well.

  1. Dial the USSD code *483*911#
  2. Select the repaying loan option which leads you to the amount and method of payment.


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