Adding Customers to your account

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After  signing up on Presta, the next step is to add members in order to create the group accounts for the members, this will enable them to login and view their group financials. The account holder however is the only one who has the ability to add an unlimited number of members to a group.

The Getting Started Wizard is the customer invitation feature. The system considers the lender the first customer of his lending service.

To add a customer

  1. Click the Customer button
  2. Select customer on the drop down.


thereafter fill in the customer details fields

  1. Phone number (*Required)
  2. First Name (*Required)
  3. Last Name (*Required)
  4. ID (Optional – Presta will request the customer to fill in any missing fields before using the service)
  5. Approved Limit – The credit limit for this customer.  (*Required)
  6. Save Customer Details


The customer management module is located in Customers -> Customers Listing



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