How to top-up your account

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The Topup Account page enables the lender to top up the account through Mpesa.

  • Fill in your Mpesa enabled phone number in box [1]
  • Fill in the topup amount in box [2]
  • Open your phone and navigate it to home menu.
  • Finally click top up button [3]


An Mpesa menu will be displayed on your phone. Please ensure that the payment details reflect your Paybill name or if using the shared paybill, it will indicated Pay To ‘WORK POINT LTD’

Immediately the Mpesa transaction is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation from Presta indicating receipt of the funds.

Click ‘Check Topup’ button [4] and the investment made will be displayed.

To view a list of all investment transactions you can go to Investment ->  My Investment and all investment transactions will be presented there.

Alternative Methods of topping up are available under Investment -> Investment Methods



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