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Bank Top-ups on Presta

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  1. What is Bank Top-up In Presta?
    Presta supports payments from other banks into Lenders Presta VIA Bank Transfer. This service is ONLY Supported for Lenders who have fully submitted all their KYC documentation and have signed Presta Contract.
  2. What Can I Pay using the Bank Options
    • Lender Investment.
    • Loan Payments.
  3. What Banks are supported and the bank details

You can either use RTGS/EFT/Pesalink/ Cash Deposit. Forward the slip to

  1. KCB Bank
    Bank: Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)
    Branch: Head office
    Account name: M-PESA Holding Co Ltd
    Account number: 1147921954
    Swift Code: KCBLKENX
  2. Description: 376883 or your B2C Paybill Number
  1. CBA Bank

Bank: Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA)
Branch: Upper hill Branch
Account name: M-Pesa Holding Company
Account number: 0420448007
Branch sort code: 07001
Description: 376883 or your B2C Paybill Number



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